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Информация о проекте
ALBA is a chain of shoes and accessories brand boutiques established in 1996. Their shoes are designed and manufactured pursuant to European standards, gracefully combining the Italian sense of style and the best quality practices. For the time being, ALBA has 50+ stores all over Russia.
Our task was to provide a fundamental reconsidering of the official online store concept, bringing it to the global levels of quality. Daring. Smart. Beautiful.
We managed to find a magical balance between the user-friendly interface and the elaborate graphic style that gives the aftertaste of aesthetic pleasure.
The catalog filters are intuitive and easy to use, letting the user customize the product feed without having to reload the page. User-friendly navigation makes it easier for the customer to get their bearings and allows them to go back to the previous steps.
Close-up product photos prevent extra questions from arising, while smart interface accents invite the customer to make a purchase.
The scenic views of Italy in the information sections create a peaceful atmosphere, at the same time hinting to where the inspiration for the brand philosophy came from.
The logo looks solid due to the weighty font; the unorthodox layout of the modular grid adds to the gloss design; and simplicity, as we know, never gets boring.
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