branded webstore
june 2017

CatsFollowMe is a designer’s brand consisting of art T-shirts, atmospheric posters and wallpapers for a Smartphone in the form of collections worked up to the smallest details.

A task to develop a truly unique online store that would emphasize the uniqueness of the brand and its products faced us.

The online store operates as a single-page application – this makes possible to create continuity and smoothness of the atmosphere of staying on the site. Large goods, emphasizing animations, capacious text blocks and bright accents are tools by using which we tell the story of the new brand.

The main feature of the site lies in switching the site themes between ‘vintage’ and ‘modern’, which includes a dynamic change of the product style and animation repainting of the site itself to maintain the atmosphere of the chosen product style.

Every detail on the site was paid attention. For example, the human form of determining the T-shirts size.

The level of working out the basket and ordering is a direct indicator of the store level. A user clearly sees what he/she orders in the project basket, and he/she can also dynamically change product parameters right in the shopping basket.

All scripts including validations and prompts are worked out in the ordering process – a person needs all this to successfully complete the purchase.

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